Download NetShare for PC: Free No-Root Wifi Tethering App

A lot of the time, there is a need for turning your device into a Wifi hotspot such as when the signals are not being picked up efficiently, resulting in a slower internet connection.

With NetShare, you can create a Wifi hotspot and manage it in any way you want. This works as a Wifi repeater, so your internet speed is enhanced with the use of NetShare.

Download NetShare for PC in Windows 10

Step 1: Download Bluestacks Android emulator.

Step 2: Launch Bluestacks and open PlayStore inside it.

Step 3: Search for “NetShare” to install it.


Key Features of NetShare

NetShare is very useful as you are also in control of the devices that can receive the signals of your network. You can choose which devices receive your internet connection. This can improve your connection strength.

NetShare enables to work as a Wifi repeater, thereby strengthening the signals. Turning your phone into a hotspot can prove to be useful in many cases. This is made easier with the use of NetShare.


Overall, NetShare is a wonderful app for strengthening your network by turning your device into a Wifi hotspot. It gives you complete control over your network. It gives you the choice to choose which devices can connect to your network.