How to Find IP Address in Windows 11

Need to know IP Address of your PC running on Windows 11? Try these 3 easy methods to find it out!

The Need of Knowing IP Address

IP Address

IP Address short for “Internet Protocol” Address, is the unique address assigned to a device that is connected to a computer network. An IP address is of the form,

There are certain reasons that might lead you to find the IP address of your device, such as troubleshooting network issues or hosting a server in an online video game.

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Windows 11

Following are the certain ways through which you can identify the IP address of your computer in Windows 11.

Method # 1: Using Command Prompt (CMD)

  1. Open the search bar from the taskbar and type “cmd”.
  2. Open Command Prompt and type “ipconfig” in the command prompt window.
  3. The address next to the IPv4 Address is your IP address.

Method # 2: Using Chrome

This is the easiest method to do so. Follow these simple steps given below:

  • Open Google Chrome and type “what is my IP” in the search bar.
  • Your IP will be displayed.

Method # 3: Using Settings App

  1. Click the network icon at the top right bottom of the taskbar next to the Wifi/Ethernet icon, you will see an arrow, click it.
  2. Click on your connection and then click the properties button next to it. It will be an ‘i’ in a circle. You can also right-click your connection to access its properties.
  3. This will lead you to the properties of your connection.
  4. The IP address will be displayed next to the IPv4/IPv6 address.
  5. You can also do this simply by opening Settings, then going to Network & Internet section and then selecting your WiFi or Ethernet connection.

These were some of the methods that you can use in order to find the IP address of your device in Windows 11.