Download Google Wifi App for PC to Control Connected Devices

This article explains simple steps on how to download and use Google Wifi app on your Windows PC or laptops.

Google Wifi is a smart app that makes you in control over the devices connected to a specific Wifi network or the Google OnHub.

Besides, this app gives you complete control over the connected devices.

Google Wifi for PC

Download Google Wifi App for PC

Step 1: Download Bluestacks Android emulator.

Step 2: Launch Android emulator and launch it.

Step 3: Open PlayStore inside Bluestacks and search for “Google Wifi” to install it.

Features of Google Wifi

With Google Wifi, you can track these devices, prioritize them or limit them as well. With its simple interface and amazing features, it has been downloaded millions of times.

Furthermore, you can easily track the devices that are connected to the network and get in control of them. Sharing Wifi password is very easy. You can track the bandwidth usage as well. This app comes with a built-in speed tester to check the speed of your internet.

Setting Wifi network’s name and password can be easily achieved with the Google Wifi. This app is very beneficial for parents, as they can monitor the network usage of their children and prevent them from overusing the internet.


To conclude, Google Wifi is a wonderful app with awesome features. It gives you the control over all the devices connected to your Wifi network.

Lastly, Google Wifi has an awesome interface that is simple and easy to use.