Blink Home Monitor App for PC: Take Control of your Security Cameras

Blink Home Monitor App is a security application that lets you take control of the installed cameras in your home, office or store, and all it needs is an internet connection to do so.

Blink cameras are affordable, compact and they are also rechargeable.

These cameras also have built-in microphones. Blink App is free of cost and has lots of features.

Blink Home Monitor

With Blink App, you can easily connect your cameras to this app. Then you can take control over these cameras with ease. You can set up your cameras easily in order to make the monitoring simpler.

Download Blink App for PC

While Blink Home Monitor for PC is not officially available, thanks to Android emulator for Windows 10, you can get it running on your computer or laptop with all its functions.

Steps to Install Blink Home Monitor on Windows 10

Step 1: Download Bluestacks Android emulator.

Step 2: Launch Android emulator and launch it.

Step 3: Open PlayStore inside Bluestacks and search for “Blink Home Monitor” to install it.

Blink Home Monitor App Features

Blink app is capable of alerting you in case of any danger, as the cameras are equipped with motion sensors. In case of something wrong, the app will alert you in the form of an image, audio or video.

However, if the area that is being monitored is crowded, then the Blink camera makes use of ‘Activity Zone’ to prevent giving false alarms.

You can control your devices with voice commands. This can be done via the use of Amazon’s ‘Alexa’. Once you have set this up, you can control your devices by giving voice commands.

With the Live Feed View, the users can monitor the locations in real time via the installed cameras. You can access these cameras using the Internet as well. With that, it makes it super easy for the users to manage their cameras. Video recording is another plus point.

Blink App Alternatives

Final Words

Overall, blink is a great app for managing Blink cameras with ease, and provides lots of features and is very easy to use.